Galaxy Police Robot with working flashing light (batteries included). With the hinged cabin, a PLAYMOBIL figure can sit in the mobile robot with gripper arm and functional bolt gun.

Dimensions: 11-17 x 13-20 x 18-25 cm (LxWxH - depending on the position of the arms)


The miniature worlds of Playmobil encourages children to imagine, invent and create. Creating worlds around their Playmobil friends, inventing characters and scenes, imagining how they interact and what happens next. Playmobil is excellent for solo play or for children to play together learning to co-operate and share. The Playmobil figures can bend, sit, stand, and turn their heads to make realistic role-play possible.


  • The Galaxy police robot, with working flashing lights, grab arm and shooting cannon.
  • Various accessories.
  • Batteries included.
  • Ages 3 years & up

Playmobil 70021 Galaxy Police Robot


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